A different direction

September 28, 2007

For all .00023 of you who have seen this website, I’m here to acknowledge a change of pace. Being in law school doesn’t really allow for the constant updating that a camera review blog needs and I find that I’m not really one to stare, drooling at the latest piece of equipment.

Therefore, while this will still be a photography-related blog, it will be a more general one; I’ll be commenting on problems I have with the industry, mentioning artistic styles that I find worthwhile, and writing about this hobby/profession/lifestyle in a way that doesn’t concern itself with “OMG CHECK OUT THE LATEST FROM CANON/NIKON/LEICA/RICOH/PENTAX/ETC”. I am neither an industry insider nor a professional photographer, I offer a hobbyist amateur’s point of view.


Welcome to Cameraism

June 22, 2007

Cameraism is the new kid on the block for camera reviews, community insights, and new photographic styles and techniques. Visit the about page for more details.

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